Join Our Puppy Waitlist


Mini Goldendoodle Puppy Price: $2500

Puppy Waitlist Deposit (Due Now To Reserve): $200


Selection Fee (Due When Choosing Your Puppy): $300


Remainder Balance (Due When Puppy Picked Up): $2000

Note: Once a family has joined our waitlist, they have the flexibility to select from currently available puppies as well as switch between puppy waitlists. For any questions or concerns please call us at 901-567-7877. 

In order to be accepted to Bluff City Kennels waitlist, please fill this form, review, and agree to the following terms below:

Waitlist families will select their choice of puppy from the litter once puppies are around 5 weeks old.
Please note that puppy coat colors won't be known until after birth and we cannot guarantee a specific coat color for an upcoming litter.
When clients pay a non-refundable deposit, they are allowed to ONLY choose ONE puppy. If I want two puppies, I understand that two deposits are required.
I also understand that the timing of litters is uncontrolled, as well as a successful pregnancy. We are unable to control the timing of heat cycles. We also have the right to cancel a litter due to the best interest of the parents involved (the health of our parent dogs is paramount to having a litter). In the event a reservation list (breeding pair) is cancelled, I will be given other upcoming litter options.
I understand that clients choose in the order of the reservation list and clients can choose any of the puppies available to them at their selection time and placement. Puppy selection for waitlist clients will occur when puppies are around 5 weeks of age. Clients will be notified once a litter is born and of the selection date and approximate pickup date. If a client is not in attendance nor is reachable by phone during their selection day timeframe, then they will forfeit their placement.
I understand that once I select a puppy, I will have to fill out and send back Bluff City Kennel’s Puppy Contract, and will be required to place an additional non-refundable deposit of $300 to secure your selected puppy within 24 hours. The total of $500 paid will be applied towards the final puppy price. Our Mini Goldendoodle puppy prices are $2500.
Bluff City Kennels does not ship puppies unaccompanied. You must pick up your puppy from our residence in Memphis or pay for a flight nanny transport if puppy needs to be delivered.
Please enter your name and today's date as your digital signature. We will email you an invoice for the waitlist fee of $200 upon submission and waitlist approval.

Please note, during selection we will be able to answer question about the puppies helping you select the best one matching your preference, assisting in any way we can in making the selection. 

Puppies can be picked up and taken home once they are 8 weeks old.


As Breeders we reserve our right to hold back any of our puppies to join our home and continue our program. We also reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy and/or refund monies at any time.




You are welcome to pay for your puppy in full at any time or even make payments on your puppy in advance. If you need additional time to pick up your puppy in order to arrange for time off in your schedule, you MUST make arrangements with us in advance.