Button our red tuxedo Mini Goldendoodle male puppy is a stunner. The prominent white markings a spread out perfectly on his head, nose, neck, chest, paws and tail tip give his red an ideal contrast creating a rare and lovely tuxedo coat look.

Interested in getting Button? Reservations are Open Now!CONTACT US for more details about the pup, including the process for reserving and rehoming, a 2-year health guarantee, viewing appointment – scheduled either in-person or via Facetime/Google call, payment options, or any number of other questions you might have. Puppy parents are at home as well.

The puppy will be ready to be picked up in Memphis TN – from August 4th onwards, when 8 weeks of age. If required we hand deliver the pup all across the US, for a small fee. Delivery will be done via ground transport if the distance is under 3 hours or with accompanied by a flight nanny to an airport near you.


Mom >>> Chikoo

Dad >>> Simba

Your Puppy will come with the following:

– Wellness check report done by a vet including fecal test (done at 6 weeks old)

– Health records with shot history

– 2 yr health guarantee and signed contract by both parties

– A sample bag of their current puppy food with a feeding schedule and quantity. (The bag should last from a week to 10 days)

– A bag of treats familiar to the puppy.

– Security blanket and a toy (with the mother’s and siblings’ scent on it.)

– Puppy Crate, if picking up the puppy.

– List of recommended products and puppy training + care tips.

About Red Colored Mini Goldendoodles

Like the apricot Mini Goldendoodle, RED is one of the most sought-after coat colors for a Mini Goldendoodle. Again, this is because red Mini Goldendoodles resemble that of a teddy bear. The red-colored Mini Goldendoodle comes in a deep red mahogany color or the “brighter” Red which is lightened due to the presence of apricot color genes.

Red isn’t an official Poodle or Golden Retriever recognized by the AKC, but it is regularly conceived for Goldendoodles by mixing a darker-colored poodle with a normal-colored Golden Retriever. A rare variant Red Goldendoodles come with white markings on their head, snout, chest, and paws making them highly desirable due to the tuxedo look.

ColorRed with White markings (Tuxedo look)
Date of Birth06.09.2023
LocationMemphis TN
BreederBluff City Kennels
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