SOLD – Buddy – Male – SOLD


Buddy - 7w- 2
Buddy - 7w- 3
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Hello … Buddy here. I am ready to go to a new home where with me I will bring immense joy and love with my companionship. I love to play and spread happiness around me. I am fond of cuddling up and falling asleep while sitting with my human friends. I am in excellent health, dewormed every 2 weeks, and will leave here vaccinated. I am easy to take care of and in return, I assure to give bountiful affection and loyalty. You can either pick me up at my momma’s here in Memphis, or my human will fly me out to an airport near you in the US. Hurry and contact us now!

ColorChestnut Red
Date of Birth10.04.2022
LocationMemphis TN
BreederBluff City Kennels
TitleSOLD – Buddy – Male – SOLD
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